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D e s e r t  P r o p e r t y  S h o w c a s e
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This is by far NOT the worst we've seen, but it doesn't look good, does it?

Yet, our local real estate magazines are full of pictures that look just as bad as these...or worse.

That agents and sellers accept it, is somewhat of a mystery to us as they clearly do not present the home in the best light possible. Do we feel
passionately about this? You bet we do!

We've always said that there is no such thing as an "ugly ad discount!" In other words, the ad itself is not going to cost you any more if it looks
fantastic, is it? We all know that you've  got a few seconds to get the interest of a buyer - you simply have to look better than everybody else.

Bad pictures do not help you sell, great ones do.
No, in reality, the stucco of the house is not pink, it's brown. Nor is there a forest fire nearby that is making the sky look like it's filled with soot.

Frankly, pictures that look like this, are the result of poor camera technique, and really bad image processing. Some real estate photographers
actually charge extra for these "enhancements"!

It's one thing making a property look as good as possible, another making it look like a cartoon!

If you click back to our images, you will see crisp and accurate colors, proper exposure and No, it doesn't look like the house is going to fall- over
any second either.