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We do not "run by" your listing, spending 45 minutes grabbing some 20 snap shots before moving on to next listing.
To deliver our level of image quality, requires more time, attention to detail, professional equipment, and yes - experience!

On location, and what to expect afterwards:

On the day of the shoot, it is essential that the property is truly ready to be shot (see ready to shoot ).
The actual time that we spend on location varies based on property size, time of day, and other variables such as
lighting requirements, number of set-ups, etc.  This does not mean that you the Realtor need to stay throughout the
production (unless you want to of course). As long as we have access, we can lock-up after we are done, or call you
upon completion. Whatever your preference, we will work with you.

We've all seen images that don't like great. Here are a couple of images that we shot recently. If you click on them,
we'll show you how they should NOT look.
The real difference between us and "others", is what happens next. We will not just go back to the office and send you
over some jpeg images straight out of the camera. While we may only work at the actual location for a few hours, for
us, the real work starts
after we return from location.

Once our photographs have been taken, they go into what is known as "post-production". This is where we with the
help of specialized computer software, make sure that each photograph through the use of color-correction, exposure
adjustments, and minor retouching magic - look it's very best. Yes, it is time consuming, but that is why

Our images look like they belong in a magazine! Isn't that what you'd want yours to look like too?
The last steps in post-production is the actual image output. This is where we generate 2 differently sized digital copies
of each photograph. One sized for MLS, Web and E-mail use, the other, a large file for print media, such as brochures

Typically, we deliver the image files within 48 hours (weekdays) of the shoot. Electronic delivery is the fastest (we send
you an email containing a link) so that you can download all the pictures directly to your computer. An additional benefit
to electronic delivery, is that the same link can be used by multiple people (like your assistant,  ad rep, or perhaps web
person) without having to share one disk. Optionally we can of course also deliver the images on a CD-rom disk.

In addition, we are happy to upload images onto MLS. This is a no-charge service we offer our clients that prefer to
delegate this to us.

Terms and Conditions:

As an established and regular client, we will invoice you for our services through email. Credit card payments are
accepted through PayPal. New clients are asked to pay a 50% retainer on the day of assignment acceptance, and the
balance upon delivery of images.

Upon payment of our invoice, we grant  the commissioning Realtor, a license to use the images for period of one year.
This broad-rights licensing,  permits them to use the images in all customary marketing sources like; on their website,
in real estate magazines, in flyers and brochures, as well as on billboards. The license however, is NOT transferable, nor
can it be resold.

All magazine and billboard ads
require a photo credit as follows:

" © 2010 www.GeorgeGutenberg.com"

Because the fees we charge our Realtor clients, are significantly discounted, as compared to our normal commercial
shooting rates, we require a photo credit as noted above, and we retain the copyright to all photos. 3rd party use in
any form is strictly prohibited. What we mean with that, is that none of our images are to be used by anybody outside
of the original commissioning Realtor. Only the photographer can grant permission to use any image, for any reason.

Specifically, a Realtor who "re-lists" a listing previously held by a different Realtor, does
not have the right to re-use our
images without our specific permission. We
may grant a re-license in some cases, but that choice is ours.
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"Magazine-Quality Real Estate Photography"