Here are some things to think about when determining when to shoot a project; What direction does the pool area
face? What about views? Is there really great natural light inside the home, or is it dark? What about existing interior
lighting?  Is it perhaps best to shoot at night?

Sometimes both day and night-time images are needed to provide a complete overview of the project, as rooms often
have a different look, or  “feel”, at different times of the day.

These samples illustrate the difference in “look” when shooting an exterior (or interior) image during the “day” versus
Night shots look "sexy", but don't necessarily work well on all properties. Typically, older houses with low ceilings
and without good overhead lighting (think recessed cans), usually do not look all that good when shot at night.

Keep in mind also, that during twilight shoots, the “perfect light”, is a fleeting moment. As such we are very
limited in the number of shots that can be produced each evening. Large projects, or special client needs, may
require multiple evenings on location and that will add to the cost of the project.

Large windows, or walls of glass (and their orientation), coupled with dark interior wall finishes, are other
examples of circumstances that dictate when a room should ideally be shot.

We suggest that we meet for a preview, prior to the day of photography for any large home with custom, or
unusual interior finishes, to determine the best timing and approach.
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Twilight (night) shots look terrific on homes with large glass areas and exceptional interior and exterior lighting
Exterior shots captured during the day need to be planned based on the orientation of the sun as well as possible views
At what time of day should your project be photographed?
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