Who are we?  How do we do it?  And, what will it cost??

Desert Property Showcase, was originally established strictly as a multimedia hosting-site for Real Estate clients of
well-known architectural and interior design photographer George Gutenberg.

Since then, it has evolved to become the # 1 resource for real estate photography to many top-level Real Estate
Professionals and owners of Vacation Rental (VRBO) homes, who realize that high-quality real estate pictures are
absolutely essential to the successful marketing of a property.

If you think that poorly exposed, fuzzy, or "cartoon-like" pictures, are "good enough" - well, we're probably not for

If on the other hand you want magazine-quality real estate photography, you have come to the right place. With
100+ magazine covers, we deliver photographs that make a difference. Images that will get you noticed!

                                                                               To read some more thoughts, scroll down below some of our magazine covers
As you may have surmised by now, we believe in straight talk and being upfront. But,we also consider ourselves
"partners" in the marketing endeavours of our clients. Whenever they are successful, we're successful.

Everything you do as a Realtor, reflects on how your "brand" is perceived. With thousands of property listings out there,
what is going to make yours stand out? The lowest price? Uhmmm, maybe not.

As real estate buyers surf the web looking for properties (and yes, 95% do - it's a fact!), you've got only a few seconds
to make that great first impression. The
pictures make the difference. It really doesn't matter how good of a word-smith
you are, unless the pictures catch someones eye, they are not going to stay around and read what a terrific home this
really is, are they?

Great pictures prompt buyers to want to see the property in person. The more a property is being shown, the faster it
will sell.

Good, so you agree, but, you wonder what is this going to cost, right?

                                                                                      Answers and more thoughts, below some more of our magazine covers
Like most things in life - "you get what you pay for". That is certainly true in real estate photography as well. However,
that does not mean that we charge exorbitantly. On the contrary, to encourage Realtors to use our services,
we offer
deeply discounted fees to Realtors, starting at
just $300.00!

Our fees are largely based on the size of the property, and in some cases the difficulty to get the right shots. A single
visit straight shoot of most smaller houses (up to 1500 sq ft), will run just $
300.00, while larger homes, estates, and
properties requiring both day and night shots, will obviously be a little more. Can you spend a little less? Sure, but it will
not have the quality of our pictures!

While we are most known for our photography and multimedia presentations of some the most lavish properties in the
Desert (and elsewhere), our work can make
any property look it's very best. A small but perfectly restored mid-century
modern? Or, perhaps a dynamite condo. No matter what it is,
great photographs are going to help sell it!  

Let's be really frank - If you were going to choose a Realtor to list your own beloved home, what would you expect from
that Realtor?

We think that a truly professional marketing program would be on top of the list and that includes professional
photography. In todays market, you need all the tools and help you can get, and we can help you look really good!

So, give us a call.
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